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Title : The Impact of Telecommunication Services on Economic Growth of Ghana
Authors : Alex Addae-Korankye,Emmanuel Lade

The study examined the impact of Telecommunication services on economic growth of Ghana. Purposive sampling technique was used to select one Telecommunications company which has been operating in Ghana for more than 10 years and has more than 2 million customers. Aggregate production function and Regression were used to present and analyse the data. The study found that telecommunication services and economic growth of Ghana are positively correlated as revealed by literature and confirmed by R square, Granger causality, and correlation coefficient from the regression output. It was recommended that to encourage competition and ensure quality, the government through National Communications Authority (NCA) should issue more licenses to mobile network operators. Telecommunication companies should also invest in both Infrastructure and quality personnel to deliver quality services. They should be made to enjoy tax incentives on imports meant to improve telecommunication infrastructure in Ghana.

Keywords : Telecommunications , Granger causality , economic growth , Aggregate production function , Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
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Title : Assessing the effectiveness of Bulacan State University administrative personnel
Authors : Thelma V. Pagtalunan

The findings of this study maybe used by the top and middle- level administrators of the Bulacan State University to find out how effective are they in terms of carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Also, the findings of this study will enable them to make necessary improvements in terms of managing the University and their respective units or departments.

Keywords : Bulacan State University
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Title : Relative Value of Hard Skills and Soft Skills for Hiring Employees in Manufacturing Sector
Authors : Erus Angelo A. Lumague

The Hiring process is a crucial part of a company’s success. Thus, it is imperative that companies must have an active strategy order to have an effective hiring process. An Hr manager is one of the vital people that are needed to establish an effective hiring process. Thus, the primary purpose of this study is to help improve the selection process specifically by means of understanding the relative value of hard and soft skills. The understanding of the relative value will support improve the selection process because companies will have an in-depth understanding of the needs of their corporation regarding employee skills. The study will help companies improve recruiting process it will also benefit future researcher to establish the similar study to be conducted on other business sectors other than manufacturing sector. It is revealed in the research that the relative value of hard and soft skills is almost similar. On the contrary, it also shows that the effects are much inclined on the importance of hard skills. Finally recommendations that are endorsed are

Keywords : Hard Skills , Soft Skills , Relative value , manufacturing sector , evaluation process , selection process
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Manuscript Code : Give priority in understanding the relative value of hard and soft skills. HR managers should better understand the relative value of hard and soft skills. Conduct a further study on the benefits of understanding the relative value of hard and soft skill. Revisit the hiring process to align the perception in the significant difference in hard and soft skills and the relative value. Conduct a further study on the need of the company regarding skills. Similar studies may be regulated in other business sectors to further validate the results of the study.

Title : Influences Of The Cultural Implications And Tourism Attractiveness Of Festival Tourism On Tourist Loyalty
Authors : Feng-Hsiang Chang,Chih-Yung Tsai

Festival tourism can preserve local characteristics and promote tourism development therefore, it has gradually become the most appropriate choice for tourism industry development in Taiwan. Short-term festival events combined with local human cultural resources and cultural assets can strengthen the local tourism image and attract tourists. Tourists’ purchases during festival tourism can promote local economic development. This study verified that, regarding cultural implications, cultural integration was the main factor influencing tourism attractiveness, followed by cultural recognition and characteristics. In addition, whether education activities were incorporated into festival events was relatively critical in terms of influencing tourism attractiveness, and whether the comprehensive functions and activities at the festival events enabled tourists to relax and gain new experiences influenced tourist loyalty. On the basis of the results, this study recommends that when relevant departments hold festival events, they must combine festival events with local cultural characteristics and with uniquely designed activities to elevate the cultural implications of festival tourism. Moreover, convenient transportation, comprehensive recreational spaces, and comprehensive shopping mechanisms can elevate tourism attractiveness. When in-depth cultural implications are incorporated into festival tourism to promote tourism attractiveness, tourist loyalty can be substantially elevated.

Keywords : cultural implication tourism attractiveness loyalty.
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Title : Service quality, recreational attractiveness, and​ ​willingness to return: cultural parks in ​T​aiwan
Authors : Feng-Hsiang Chang,Chih-Yung Tsai

willingness to returnThe cultural industry has been the most popular issue for research and discussion around the world in recent years and has become included in the policies for social and economic development in advanced countries. Governments and private institutions concerned with “globalization” and “localization” promote the development of the cultural industry and combine the humanities and the economy in order to add value. Taiwanese local governments and cities have played important roles in the development of culture and art. In recent years, local governments and cities have invested greatly in cultural and artistic activities and spatial creativity. Culture has increasingly been the major appeal for local development and has been the optimal strategy for raising local publicity. In addition, culture has assisted in the transformation of the cultural industry and been taken into consideration when planning and developing local leisure and tourism industries. Moreover, culture promotes the planning and discussion of communities, local areas, and cultural industries as well as the industrialization of culture and culturalization of industries to help market local cultures on a global scale. The results of this study show that the tangibility and reactivity dimensions in service quality are the main factors influencing the relaxing dimension in recreational attractiveness. In addition, the tangibility dimension in service quality is the main factor influencing tourists’ willingness to return. Lastly, the relaxing dimension in recreational attractiveness is the main factor influencing tourists’ willingness to return. Therefore, the results of this study provide suggestions for relevant authorities when promoting cultural parks, such as, strengthening physical facilities and service-providing equipment and training staff’s problem-solving and consulting skills in order to improve tourist’s image of the park. Moreover, a variety of cultural activities can be held in the park in order to add to the story behind products and improve tourist interactions so that tourists can relax and experience the park and will be more willing to return to the park

Keywords : service quality recreational attractiveness
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Title : Good governance and solid waste management: An overview of legislative regulations in India
Authors : Vaishali Gupta,Sushma Goel,T. G. Rupa

Across the political and economic spectrum in India society, natural resources play an important role in providing good quality of life to individuals. Management of solid waste has become a major issue affecting nations around the world. Rapid urbanization, increasing population and unplanned development clubbed with the problem of solid waste management in the country is worsening every day. In an effort to build a resource efficient India, it is important to improve waste management practices. With the changing perspective, there is a need to understand the ecological concern and evaluate past policies, frameworks and strategies developed for a sustainable ecosystem. After been neglected for long, SWM is slowly receiving momentum and towns across the country are demonstrating successful models of effective operating systems and infrastructure changes making it possible to monitor waste and make country waste free. The present paper reviews the existing legal policies and profiles available for management of solid waste in India. It makes use of database, legislative policies, programmes and regulations to instill a common approach for management of environment

Keywords : Solid Waste Management , Municipalities , Urban Local Bodies (ULB’s) , Regulatory framework , India
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Title : Enhancing the Role of Horn of African Entrepreneurs in the Current Global Business Environment
Authors : Mengsteab Tesfayohannes,Mussie T. Tessem,Sebhatleab Tewolde

This study discusses the perceptions, practices and challenges of African entrepreneurs in the currently dynamic andinterconnected global business environment. In doing so, it develops a conceptual framework taking into account the objectiveof the paper, the African context as well as anecdotal facts based recommendations that are intended to help Africanentrepreneurs how to react and function within the interactions of the international business environment. Implications of thesefindings and future research directions are discussed

Keywords : Africa , horn of Africa , entrepreneurs , global , business , environment
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Title : Examining the link between organizational justice and counterproductive work behaviour
Authors : Monanu Oge G.,Okoli Ifeanyi E.,Adibe Charles Gozie

In this research, organizational justice was detailed to show and to observe its relationship with its counterproductive work behavior. The research takes total of one hundred and ninety eight (198) workers working in Anambra State Civil Service Awka. It served as the respondents in this study. Cochran, (1963) sampling technique was employed to get the sample size and the research questionnaire was used to draw fact information from the respondents. Participants were randomly selected and elicit by using sampling method. In the population of 198 respondents 83 (that is 41.92%) of the total population were males while 115 (that is 58.08%) of the total population were females. Organisational Justice (OJ) was evaluated by the use of a 20-items scale while the counterproductive work behavior (CWB) was evaluated with a 25- items measuring scale. The study results revealed that mean values of the organisational justice gives a positive significant relationship results in the study with its counterproductive work behavior.

Keywords : Organisational Justice ,Counterproductive behavior
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Title : Capturing the best skills to generate and inspire the multigenerational workforce
Authors : Imelda A. Mora

The study was conducted to assess and describe the best skills to generate and inspire the multigenerational workforce. The subject of this dissertation has been chosen to find out strategies on how to create a cross-generational friendly school and how to create an environment that will be comfortable to all generation groups and when culture of excellence will thrive. Leaders will find this research an appropriate reference for managing multigenerational personnel. The seven (7) schools that participated in the research were: a) Assumpta Academy Bulacan, b) Colegio del Buen Consejo, Pasig City, c) La Consolacion College, Mercedes Pasig City, d) La Consolacion School, Balagtas, Bulacan, e) La Consolacion College, Valenzuela City, f) La Consolacion College, Caloocan City and g) La Consolacion College, Tanauan City, Batangas. The questionnaire consists of three parts. Part I is for the demographic profile of the respondents comprising of gender, highest academic degree, level in the organization and generation group. Part II is the quantitative part with three sections. Section A is the adaption of Carol Dweck’s mindset Scale. This is a 20 item quiz that aims to determine the orientation of the mindset of the respondent (growth mindset or fixed mindset). The study utilized the descriptive method of research using simple purposive sampling technique. Based from the data collected, the following were concluded: there is no significant difference in the behavioral skills between Males and Females, there is no significant difference in the behavioral skills between Bachelors, Master, and Doctor degree holders, there is no significant difference in the behavioral skills among the Administrators and Faculty members and there is no significant difference in the behavioral skills among Builders, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials.

Keywords : Best kills , multigenerational workforce
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Title : The reading comprehension and mathematics proficiency level of high school students and their correlates
Authors : Rigette Ryan s. Ramos,Enrique G. Baking,Dolores T. Quiambao,Reynaldo C. Nicdao,Alvin V. Nuqui,Reynaldo C. Cruz

This study dealt with the different factors affecting the mathematics proficiency level of high school students of the public secondary schools in Sta. Ana, Pampanga. It described the school factors in terms of facilities and book student ratio the teacher - respondents’ highest educational attainment, age, civil status, teaching experience and seminars/trainings attended the proficiency levels of the students in reading comprehension and mathematics and the educational attainment of the parents and monthly income of the family of the students. The problems encountered by the mathematics teachers in teaching the subject and the proposals to remedy the problems were likewise included. The data gathered were treated with the use of frequency distribution, weighted mean, and percentage. Correlational analysis and chi – square test were also used in this study. Based from the results, all school related factors and teacher related factors in terms of civil status, years of teaching and seminars/trainings attended affect the mathematical proficiency of the students reading comprehension level is significantly correlated to the students mathematics proficiency level while the teacher related factors along the aspects of educational attainment and age and all family related factors were not significantly related to the mathematics proficiency level of the students.

Keywords : Mathematics Proficiency Level , High School Students
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