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Title : The Effect of Multimedia Glosses on Vocabulary Development of Intermediate Efl Learners
Authors : Foroogh Azari,Hadi Giahpoor

Technology has got a very important role in vocabulary learning. The present study investigated the effect of multimedia gloss on incidental vocabulary learning of 52 English learners at intermediate level as opposed to paper gloss vocabulary learning. The subjects were divided into two groups, multimedia gloss and paper gloss. A pre-test and a post-test were administered to the groups and the scores were analyzed using Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test. The findings showed that the multimedia gloss group significantly outperformed the paper group in terms of short-term retention of incidentallylearned vocabulary items. Due to the limited time, longer-term retention of the words was not measured. The findings showed that multimedia gloss can benefit intermediate EFL learners in terms of vocabulary learning.

Keywords : Multimedia Gloss , Paper Gloss , Intermediate EFL Learners , Incidental Vocabulary Learning
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Title : Investigating the Effect of Story Retelling on Improving Iranian EFL Learners’ Speaking Performance
Authors : Elnaz Shoari,Hanieh Davatgari Asl

The place of speaking is the heart of the language learning in general and foreign/second language learning in particular. Thus developing this oral productive skill is of great importance in the process of language learning and particularly in the process of foreign language learning. The more authentic materials of teaching speaking the more successful effective foreign language classes we would have. So the present study aimed at investigating the effect of the story retelling on improving speaking performance of the learners. Sixty female learners have participated in this quasi-experimental study of which lasted one academic semester. The findings of the study provided strong support for the positive effects of story retelling it might be due to the authenticity and attractiveness of the stories. Through reproducing stories learners would be more autonomous and self-directed learners. This might be due to the role of authenticity of materials in language learning processes. Since authentic materials are designed for real language use in real situations and not for pedagogical purposes.

Keywords : Story retelling , Iranian EFL learners , speaking performance
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Title : Relationship between Iranian EFL Learner’s Self-Esteem, and Grammatical Accuracy in Written Discourse
Authors : Samineh Poorsoti,Nader Asadi

This study aimed at investigating the relationship between Iranian EFL learners’ self-esteem and grammatical accuracy of their writings. The participants were 60 male and female advanced learners of English as a foreign language (EFL) at Iran Language Institute (ILI), Tabriz, Iran. The data were collected by administering Coopersmith self-esteem questionnaire and a picture description test (beginners' composition writing through pictures) from Heaton’s book. The results showed a significant positive and weak relationship between the scores of self-esteem and grammatical accuracy score by using Pearson correlation

Keywords : Self-esteem , Grammatical Accuracy
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Title : The Effect of Cultural/Social Awareness on Making Appropriate Discourse Interpretation of Iranian EFL learners
Authors : Elnaz Shoari,Nader Assadi Aidinlou

We live and are in touch with the world around us through using language, while talking to each other we don’t use sounds words in isolation, but we exchange message. Thus understanding the intended message is of crucial role in this process. Most of the times we experience serious difficulties in interpreting messages simply as a result of lack of shared information. Discourse analysis or discourse interpretation would be a general term for a number of roads for analyzing “written, spoken, or sign language use, or any significant semiotic occurrence”. In the case of foreign languages, cultural and situational factors are of crucial role in making correct interpretations of the meanings. Thus the current study aimed at examining the effect of cultural/social information on making appropriate interpretations of Iranian EFL learners. Sixty female learners participated in this quasi- experimental study which lasted one academic semester. The results of the study provided strong support for the key role of cultural/ situational information about written discourse in making correct explanations. This can be justified by schema theory, since in the process of understanding having common points is essential.

Keywords : cultural awareness , social awareness , discourse interpretation
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Title : What’s in a name? – A sneak peek into Malaysian Chinese culture through the naming methods of eating houses
Authors : Lay Hoon Ang,Kai Chee Lam

Much can be studied on names, because names by themselves are typical instances of language use in society. In a multilingual and multicultural setting such as Malaysia, it is interesting to find out how do the Malaysian Chinese deal with the naming of their eating houses. As such, the current paper attempts to explore the naming methods of Malaysian Chinese eating houses from the sociolinguistic point of view. In specific, this paper aims to explore the methods applied by Chinese shop owners in naming their eating houses and to identify the cultural elements reflected in the names. The analysis of naming methods and cultural elements is based on Chinese names of eating houses collected from several states in Malaysia. Results show that use of auspicious words, personal names, reserved words, wishing words, numbers, fine words, flora and fauna, dialects, and homophonic words are the nine major methods in naming Chinese eating houses, in the sequence of popularity. Overall, it can be concluded that they show elements of innovations while retaining the essence of their Chineseness.

Keywords : Malaysian Chinese culture naming method eating house.
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Title : The Use of Poetry Writing in Nurse Education- An Evaluation
Authors : Morteza Alibakhshi-kenari

Background: Arts based approaches have been used in health education in various ways e.g. to develop emotional awareness, reduce anxiety and stress and assess communication skills. Objectives: This evaluation aimed to explore the use of poetry writing as a way for undergraduate nursing students to consider their feelings about important practice issues. Methods: 42 first year undergraduate nursing students were asked to write a poem which focused on an important nursing issue e.g. compassion, communication or the therapeutic role of the nurse. They were then asked to read the poem aloud to a small group and discuss its meaning. Results: 60% (n=24) of students reported that the exercise had increased understanding of their chosen subject, 70% (n=30) stated that they had learned something about themselves and 65% (n=26) of students stated that they had enjoyed the poetry writing exercise. Qualitative comments suggested that the use of poetry enabled greater understanding of others experiences, promoted open and honest reflection on feelings and supported the development of confidence. Conclusion: There is a need for teaching methods which engage and develop students' imagination, if they are going to be adequately prepared for the demands of nursing practice. Poetry writing and discussion supports the development of confidence, therapeutic communication skills and the ability to think creatively.

Keywords : Creativity education empathy snuring students poetry
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