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Title : Extensively Drug Resistance Tuberculosis & Molecular Tools
Authors : Narotam Sharma,Nazia Parveen,Mohammad Shahrukh,Jyoti Sharma,Farha Usmani,Prashansa Raghuvanshi,Smriti Yadav,Navodita Bhatt

Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) is caused by bacteria that are resistant to some of the most effective anti-TB drugs. XDR-TB strains have arisen after the mismanagement of individuals with multidrug-resistant TB. Review article discuss about the Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis w.r.t Indian Scenario.

Keywords : Non- tuberculosis mycobacterium , Multiple Drug Resistance , Extensively Drug Resistance , High-Resolution Melting
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Title : Protective mechanisms of rats heart in the acute phase of streptozotocin-induced diabetes in functional remodeling
Authors : G. Renuga,Sri Kennath J Arul

Streptozotocin-induced diabetes was manifested by compromised ventricular contraction and prolonged relaxation attributable to multiple causative factors including oxidative stress and to elucidate the role of these changes in adaptation of the heart to acute streptozotocin induced diabetescardiomyopathy contributes to high morbidity and mortality in diabetic populations. This study was designed to examine the effect of cardiac expression after injection of the protein purified from Eugenia jambolana on cardiac contractile function, intracellular Ca2+ cycling proteins and the myosin heavy chain (MHC) isozyme in diabetes. Diabetes depressed the level of SERCA2a, Na+-Ca2+ exchanger and triggered a β MHC isozyme switch. All of these STZ-induced alterations with the exception of depressed SERCA2a and enhanced (MHC) isozyme data suggest a beneficial effect of Eugenia jambolana extract in the therapeutics of diabetic cardiomyopathy, possibly through a mechanism related to SERCA2a and MHC isozyme switch appear as the manifestation of endogenous protective mechanisms participating in the functional remodeling which contributes to adaptation of the heart to diabetes.

Keywords : Cardiomyopathy , Eugeniajambolana , Gene expression , MHC isozyme
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